We are interested in constant expansion of our broker network, attracting new employees.

Working in ┬źLeopolis-Realty┬╗:

  • Possibility of career growth;
  • For workers without experience conducted free training, which helps to quickly gain the necessary skills and achieve its goals;
  • Create all favorable conditions for successful operation: equipped workplace, telephone and internet communications, advertising support, and ready customer base real estate, education, training to improve skills and increase in real estate sales.


General requirements are:

- Age - 18 years.

- Bachelor degree or incomplete higher education

- Experience in a similar position one year, possibly without experience in real estate

- Knowledge of the market.

- High quality business skills.

- Communication skills.

- Knowledge of PC at the user level.

- Desire to work and develop

- Be a team worker.

Working conditions:

- Full-time

- Free corporate training

- Providing Internet and telephone

- Good and friendly staff

- Our own customer base and real estate

- Advertising support

If you meet these requirements, please contact us by phone:

(032) 243 88 98, (067) 67 33 122

or send your CV by e-mail:

Looking forward to meeting you.

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